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Sony takes down PSN briefly for security fixes

first_imgSony isn’t quite finished with its work on PSN. Last night, in an unannounced change, they abruptly brought PSN down for a security update. After the network came back online, users were prompted to download a new security update and change their password, which for some users will be the third or fourth time they’ve done so in the past several weeks.The only users who will be prompted to change their passwords are those who attempted to log in or were logged in during the outage. All users will have to download the firmware update, however.The outage took place yesterday around 8pm ET, and after the work was complete, Sony posted an update to its support page that explained that the network was back online and instructed users to download the latest firmware update. They also noted that some users who were logged out and will be forced to change their password may have to wait up to 24 hours before they get the password reset email.The whole affair is a reminder of Sony’s April PSN worries. The unannounced downtime can be approached in two ways: either Sony is being proactive about maintenance and management in the wake of the PSN hack, or Sony is still cleaning up or finding security issues today.It’s important to note also that Sony gave us no indication that last night’s sudden PSN outage was due to any kind of security breach or issue – there’s nothing to lead us to believe that Sony’s actions last night were reactionary due to some kind of hack. In any event, Sony appears to be addressing any issues they encounter and doing it quickly – at least as long as the security spotlight is still fixed on them.Read more at Sony PlayStation Supportlast_img read more

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