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Notch adds multiplayer and sound to 0x10c

first_imgTo say that Notch‘s next game is developing quickly is a becoming a bit of an understatement. After 7 months of working on the core functionality of the space MMO, we’ve seen some major progress over the past few weeks on 0x10c.Earlier this month Notch released a video showing good progress towards a playable release. That included a demonstration of dynamic lighting and an art test as well as allowing a player to run around their textured ship.Today, Notch released another video with two major additions appearing. The first is sound, which can now be applied to objects in the game. We hear the player’s weapon shoot, the terminal bleep when interacted with, and some background sounds as other objects are passed or approached. I’m guessing background music and footsteps are just another build away. The more exciting addition though, is multiplayer, and the presence of a second character running around and shooting (also complete with sound).There’s clearly still a long way to go before 0x10c is a “real” game, but it looks to be getting very close to that point where a playable release is actually viable. I doubt we’ll see it get to that point in 2012, but this is Notch we are talking about, and he’s made great progress this month already.You can track the ongoing progress of 0x10c over at the official website and forums.last_img read more

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