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Ubisoft releases Watch Dogs Exposed E3 trailer

first_imgThe last time we got to see any new footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming game Watch Dogs was about a month ago when were presented with  6 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. As you’d expect with E3 kicking off today, Ubisoft is keen that Watch Dogs doesn’t get lost in the crowd so has released yet another video.This time out the focus isn’t on gameplay, though. The 3-minute cut scene offers a glimpse at the kind of infiltration you’ll be expected to do in the game. Yes, there’s hacking involved, breaking into buildings, and using both weapons and hand-to-hand combat. But it’s clearly not always about killing everyone in the room. In this case it’s all about exposing an individual while at the same time attracting the attention of the authorities to ensure whoever gets exposed is also caught.Of all the next-gen games we’ve seen so far (and that number is sure to increase significantly this week during E3), Watch Dogs continues to hold my interest. It’s either going to a memorable thinking man’s third-person action game, or a mediocre experience that doesn’t quite get all its pieces lined up even thought it tries really hard.Obviously I’m hoping Ubisoft has nailed it and this forms the perfect excuse to buy a PS4. Of course, that decision also depends on whether Sony decides to take the same route as Microsoft and demands I connect my shiny new console to the Internet at least once every 24 hours.last_img read more

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