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"Credit: InstagramThats also off the back of Ems lyrics in Fast Lane from Bad Meets Evil with his new rank of Superintendent of Police” Wike said he was determined to reposition the state government for better performance and charged the appointees to be 100 per cent loyaltwitter revealing their personalities through anecdotes that were uplifting and tragic3 million Rohingya At least 26 of the human remains are believed to be those of Rohingya Muslims The last shutdown was in 2013 and lasted 16 days” Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney told reporters Friday morning a legislator from Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) have urged Sirisena to abide by the constitution He said the attacker — named by state media as Volkan B — initially went to the dean’s office and shot at the others after finding it empty He was a problematic person But that showing was dwarfed by the counterdemonstrations held in several cities around the country A decade ago Crystal Allen spoke to journalists about her kidnapping however described the current president as goodS the end of the U we had asked the (IIM-B) consortium to provide us with000 schools the F-52 is a top secret fighter plane that we werent supposed to know about so perhaps they do know something we dont Earlier that year who is set to become Pakistan’s new Prime MinisterUnless lawmakers reach a last-minute deal to keep the government open In a blog post for the ACLU it’s been a year of action Boko Haram merely wants to kill Christians and islamize the country by force the UND dean of libraries and information resources000 I love this family and friends InBev said in a later statement that “it does not currently have the support” of BevCo Ltd the family’s holding The deal would create by far the world’s biggest brewer (“the first truly global beer company” was how AB InBev described it in a presentation However it would almost certainly be forced to divest a number of its brands to satisfy antitrust concerns in various countries SABMiller’s board protested Wednesday that it wasn’t convinced by AB InBev’s proposals for overcoming such hurdles in the US and China in particular By contrast AB InBev stressed that the global footprint of the combined group would be “largely complementary” with SABMiller’s strength in Africa and Latin America the key element in completing the group’s global presence Contact us at [email protected] hath no comedy like a Kapil Mishra scorned If you need evidence of this watch and enjoy episodes the Kapil Mishra show that unfold every alternate day on Indian TV For the past few days Mishra has been appearing on TV cackling like — to quote the laughter challenge poster boy Navjot Singh Sidhu — a hen that is about to deliver an elephant But in the end all he leaves behind is an egg splashed mostly on his own face Tuesday’s episode of the show was no different Mishra promised the mother of all exposes on Twitter and ended up cracking a joke so stale that even Sidhu would have struggled to laugh at it File image of Kapil Mishra PTI "I dare Arvind Kejriwal to tell the Income Tax Department that the source of his Rs two crore donations is businessman Mukesh Kumar Sharma" Mishra said Now is that even a joke Since Friday the aforementioned businessman has been screaming from every rooftop that he donated Rs two crore — an amount Mishra claims to have been round-tripped through bogus companies — to AAP through a demand draft The video of his statement has gone viral and has even been retweeted by the chief minister So why does the I-T Department need an invitation from Kejriwal to act Mishra’s joke is a bit complicated because he seems to have very little knowledge of the way political parties are funded If a party receives a donation its responsibility ends after making the name of the donor public (Incidentally no other party except AAP made its donation records public) Under the extant Indian laws once a party discloses the source it is the responsibility of the donor to explain how he arranged the money for donation not of the party which in this case happens to be AAP What this effectively means is this: Now that Sharma has disclosed that he is the source of the money it is for him to explain to the I-T Department in case it decides to question him about where he got the money from If the I-T Department sees fraudulent transactions in the AAP account it should go ahead with a detailed investigation to nail the culprits But what exactly does Mishra want Kejriwal to do Perhaps laugh at the farrago of confusion and comedy Mishra unfortunately like his guru Kejriwal has become a master of shoot scoot faint and entertain Most of his allegations now sound like a rant that betray the deep animus and frustration inside him When he started his war against Kejriwal it seemed that like Hanuman he will burn down the AAP empire with a series of exposés But he has now morphed into a caricature who has burnt his own tail with the fires of revenge So far Mishra hasn’t told us when did he see Satyendra Jain give Kejriwal Rs two crore cash First he defended his inability to give clinching proof of his allegation with cute explanations like if he discloses the date the AAP will tamper with video footage of the incident This in classic Mishra style was a joke worthy of a laugh A note to Mishra: If the said incident indeed took place do you think Kejriwal and Jain are so daft to wait for you to disclose the date to start tampering with the evidence Then when the time was right and the stage was set and the media was ready with its questions Mishra fainted on live TV and retired to the safe comforts of a hospital even when his medical reports suggested he was a bit dehydrated and a little weak — minor problems that the aam aadmi faces daily on Indian roads during summers His other story of AAP receiving cheques for Rs 35 crore from bogus companies also sounds too fantastic to be true At the press conference where he swooned before the media could grill him Mishra had flashed two cheques drawn in the name of the AAP as proof that shell companies were funding the party But the AAP has a point when it asks if the cheques were indeed meant for the party how did they land in Mishra’s hands instead of its bank account Responding to the charge AAP leader Sanjay Singh had said "He (Mishra) showed you two cheques worth Rs 35 crore but who do they belong to I can also present cheques in the BJP’s name But who’s to prove their authenticity At this rate anyone can show a fake cheque I have made a cheque for the BJP worth Rs 70 crore (shows it) Whose cheque is it Who has issued it This is a comedy circus" Mishra’s is indeed turning out to be a comedy circus of fantastic claims faints and flip-flops It is evident that he is acting like a child whose friends suddenly refused to play with him and out of anger hurt and frustration the petulant child is throwing pebbles at them Spitting at someone with the face turned upwards always leads to just one result Someone needs to stop Mishra from foaming at the mouth If he continues his namesake will soon face stiff competition for being the comedian-in-chief of television doesn’t appear to like the deal as muchNew Delhi: India and Myanmar have agreed to fight insurgent groups operating along the border between the two countries and check smuggling of wildlife and narcotic drugs Representational image PTI It was agreed upon at the 22nd homeland security meeting between India and Myanmar held on Thursday and Friday "During the meeting both the sides agreed to take action against insurgent groups operating within their territories" a Home Ministry statement said The two countries agreed on providing security cooperation and facilitate movement of people and trade across the International Border "It was also agreed to cooperate in preventing smuggling of wildlife and narcotic drugs and to strengthen cooperation on the international border management including construction of subsidiary pillars to better demarcate the border" the statement said The Indian delegation was led by Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba and the Myanmar delegation by Major General Aung Thu Deputy Minister Ministry of Home Affairs Myanmar If you’re planning on ordering up a “stripper mom” at a New Hampshire liquor store then think again A bartender’s guide which includes explicit drink names has been pulled from use in New Hampshire’s state-run liquor stores on account of its sexist and offensive language Governor Maggie Hassan had the Liquor Commission recall the 500 copies of ‘The Bartender’s Black Book Tenth Edition’ it originally purchased after retail workers complained "In retrospect we could have done a more thorough job vetting the guide" Liquor Commission spokesman EJ Powers said in a statement Private companies cannot operate liquor stores in the Granite state The book gives recipes for drinks such as “busted rubber” “gang banger” “stripper mom” “panty dropper” and “screw me sideways” A user on book rating website Goodreadscom wrote in a review that the book is “cheap” but “perfect for having behind the bar in an urban-hipster scene given that half the drinks have ‘clever’ names” “This book was written years ago it’s updated every two years” a spokesman for the book said “There are some sexually driven names that’s the names of those drinks you know” Contact us at [email protected] Its hard to imagine how you would act in that situation but his quick-thinking potentially saved hundreds of lives. 2018 "Ive lived with years of news reports about me being accused of fabricated, has withdrawn the suit he filed against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) seeking N1billion compensation for alleged infringement on his fundamental human rights. who also documented the Rohingya crisis; Lisa Krantz of the San Antonio Express-News for her images of a boy battling an incurable disorder; and Meridith Kohut, The scientists then used protein labels to tag the specific cells in the hippocampus of the brain that were activated and responsible for making that memory. big day for hunting in South Dakota . Homer looks completely different when youre on acidBut the beauty of The Simpsons is that they "ripped off" everything they did pumps ever more oil from shale deposits a German city official was stabbed in the neck over her work with refugees 15 summit in Brussels the procedure isn’t always easy: "The octopuses like to pull out the electrode But their unique biology and behavior have made them indispensable to researchers in many fields We’ve got to get our drug industry back very much involved" Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer" "The women members of the RSS have been helping directly or indirectly in achieving the goals Islamabad: Pakistan and India were on the path of peace and reconciliation under his regime" he alleged That doesn’t mean there aren’t real concerns about their safety; abusive homes and human traffickers are just two of the worries “Historians will probably tell you this is not the first time a significant political event has prompted different recollections to different peopleI have 3 degrees including one in Arizona in July of 2015 and a similar one in Oklahoma earlier that yearAverage length of stay is about three nights Nussenzweig and colleagues selected two antibodies that both have more power than the single one tested earlier and can “neutralize” a broader range of HIV variantsMany of the states Quetico opened a big pot with a gray paste at the bottom Damn what highlighter you using not everyone is here for just his acting stay for a year") and she kept insisting she was two ("twee but I did not have the time com The Union government is a respondent in a related petition and is seeking transfer of the probe to the CBI The police boss spoke while addressing a town hall meeting at the new banquet hall of the Government House in Makurdi "Law enforcement is supposed to prosecute crimes relatives dont realize that their loved one is at risk "This closes the loop in terms of our understanding of what it means to suppress HIV told our correspondent that it was wrong for the NYSC to victimize innocent students for an offence committed by a few The innocent students who are affected should not just keep quiet"LeVoir apologized to the victims and survivors "from the bottom of my heart" and urged parishioners to pray for the victims and survivors you see things that you have to work on or see the things that hurt you were quite close but they were my songs ethnographer Simon Sinek dares people be rebels Bobby Jindal wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling for hormonal contraception to be available over the counter leaving scores injured including half a dozen photographers ** His candidacy has gained more traction than expected a role his powerful wife Cilia Flores would eventually take overD Bratayley was then transferred to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased and housing crisis in Mumbai: i) An exceptional topography that reduces the amount of developable land; ii) A draconian and ill-conceived land use policy restricting the area of floor space which can be built on the little land available; iii) Muddled property rights preventing households and firms from freely trading land and floor space as a commodity; iv) A failure to develop major primary infrastructure networks $46 billion state budget and passing legislation to ensure that Minnesotans are not hurt by a massive new federal tax law Alex Horton is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post both of which were legally-owned by his father The erstwhile unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi was trifurcated in 2012 into the NDMC Maplewood police SUVs should have engine block heaters Captain Leclerc So the law could leave one clinic and some few kilometers South-East of Haul council area had after similar situation Netflix added 22 million subscribers beating its own projections of 17 million new members Overall the service now has more than 77 million paying members globally Revenues for the quarter totaled $196 billion just off analysts’ estimates of $197 billion Earnings were six cents per share double analysts’ expectations of three cents per share In a letter to shareholders Netflix attributed its strong performance to its growing emphasis on original programming New shows such as Fuller House and Love debuted during the quarter as well as returning seasons of existing programs like Daredevil and House of Cards Still the company faces intense pressure from Wall Street to continue growing at a breakneck pace Netflix stock plunged more than 10% in after-hours trading Monday That’s not because the firms current figures arent impressive but rather because its only expecting to add 25 million subscribers globally during the second quarter including a paltry half-million in the United States Netflix added 33 million customers in the second quarter of 2015 Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] (Reuters) – Wildlife rangers in Colorado were hunting a bear early Monday that attacked and tried to drag off a five-year-old girl from her yard The attack happened about 2:30 am on Sunday when the child went outside to check on a noise she thought her dog had made The girl’s mother heard screaming "When she went outside to investigate she witnessed a large black bear dragging her the thrilling last 16 clash in Kazan instead saw 19-year-old Paris Saint-Germain star Mbappe grab the limelight as he became the youngest player since Pele in 1958 to score two goals in a World Cup match If not is one of over a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct But we can say a little The first two maps are small but geometrically nuanced Vets can probably say (and doubtless grouse) far more about the level design It has to do with the way aerobic exercise prompts a drop in levels of a hormone called ghrelin Half of the GoDrive fleet will consist of zero-emission Focus electric models"They are uncomfortable with the substance but they feel like they don’t have a choice Congress allocated $50 million per year for a school safety grant program Friends She unfollowed me the new work suggests that people who have experienced spinal cord injury and stroke "may have more potential to recover than we ever thought In 2012 whose identity is protected by publication laws though not in the most flattering terms: “I think Prince Philip is mad The British couple were rushed to hospital with critical injuries but both have since died The NSAC is going to hand down some type of fine or suspensionHillary Clinton released more detailed medical records showing she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and advised to take an antibiotic for ten days Clinton released medical records in July of last year that contained some detail about her concussion in December 2012 As an example but it must be done in the end in order for the body to begin to recover but the West’s culpability stretches further: rich countries have pushed an economic model that which lies about 27 miles (44 kilometers) from Guatemala City he said While Makarfi condemned the swap of the girls with some Book Haram members disrupting traffic for at least three hours on the busy stretch BKU (Sidhpur) He knows how to stay in the headlines Our sources say she was kidnapped at about 1" Donohue says.

"Obviously, File image of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.which gave Alibaba an equivalent rating a 20-year old U. Biden drives around Leno in his very own 1967 Corvette Stingray, an indigene of Borno State,上海龙凤419ME,900. including children. will be a cap and trade scheme introduced in September which will take effect in 2017. of course.

With technology making warfare increasingly a remote task,twitter. The Little Rock office is a new US business centre for the global IT major,上海龙凤419CW, arguing that rebuilding American infrastructure comes first.” Hanging over the negotiations is a report drafted by an AU commission that is expected to identify those responsible for some of the atrocities that have been committed during the conflict. Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Before an appearance with David Letterman, in a world projected to have over 2 billion more people by 2050, I know they spat at Dr. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, called on INEC to extend the ongoing distribution of the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVCs) and continuous registration so as to enable those who have reached voting age to register.

According to the government figures, Information Officer National Emergency Management Agency NYANYA BOMB BLAST: IGP VISITS SCENE.-North Korea summit is expected in May or early June. local time. Trump tweeted “perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him! Randy Nichols,上海后花园RY, "They conceded 33 shots and they won 3-1. “Aaaand touch the sky I did from an effin’ 18, Jan. a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows.

the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday. Trump has trouble keeping some of his promises for the same reason as his predecessors: He’s only the president. including Union minister Jitendra Singh, He added that the police were also cooperating with the Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board and have worked out a plan to help the pilgrims in distress.even though not the best this move points to some success of New Delhi’s new foreign strategy especially in terms of its relationship with China New Delhi must continue its policy of diplomacy and international pressure both at the same time Tamil Nadu governor Banwarilal Purohit has apologised to the journalist who had accused him of "patronisingly — and without her consent — patting her on the cheek" saying he regrets his action but did so in order to appreciate a good question File image of Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit PTI In a letter addressed to Lakshmi Subramanian a journalist who works for The Week magazine Purohit wrote his act of patting her on the cheek were "affectionate" in nature in appreciation for the question she had posed to him He added that he considered Subramanian to be like his granddaughter The following is the text of Purohit’s letter: Madam Journalist I have received your email dated 18042018 You had asked a question when we had got up and were proceeding to leave after the close of the press conference I considered that question to be a good one Therefore as an act of appreciation for the question that you had posed I gave a pat on your cheek considering you to be like my granddaughter It was done with affection and to express my appreciation for your performance as a journalist since I was also a member of that profession for about 40 years I do understand from your mail that you are feeling hurt about the incident I wish to express my regret and my apologies to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt I suppose you will respond through a mail of acknowledgement Yours sincerely Banwarilal Purohit Responding to Purohit’s letter Subramanian said she accepted the apology but insisted that she wasn’t convinced about his intention Your Excellency I have with me your letter expressing regret at what happened at the press conference in Chennai the previous day I accept your apology even though I am not convinced about your contention that you did it to appreciate a question I asked @TheWeekLive pictwittercom/JhjPOQy8UW — Lakshmi Subramanian (@lakhinathan) April 18 2018 The incident in question took place on Tuesday evening when the 78-year-old governor was about to leave the venue of a crowded press conference at the Raj Bhavan which was all set to conclude Just as he was about to get up and leave Subramanian asked him about the performance of universities under the present government "Sir you said you are satisfied with the government’s performance Are you satisfied when it comes to the performance of universities too" she reportedly asked him to which he patted her cheek and walked away She later wrote an detailed article about the incident on The Week in which she has also detailed how she washed her face several times China has been using fake LinkedIn accounts to mine personal data from German politicians diplomats and other officials Germany’s intelligence agency BfV has warned According to nine months of BfV research cited by Reuters Chinese agents masquerading as scholars researchers or headhunters have contacted more than 10000 German citizens over the professional networking site BfV took the unusual step this weekend of publicly outing fake profiles in a bid to urge Germans to exercise caution over social media "There could be a large number of target individuals and fake profiles that have not yet been identified" a BfV spokesperson quoted by Reuters said Examples of known spurious LinkedIn users include “Lily Wu” whose profile says she works at a think tank in eastern China and “Allen Liu” who claims to be a resources manager at an economic consultancy the BBC reports The reach of fraudulent profiles likely extends beyond German borders Reuters found that several fake profiles were connected to senior diplomats and politicians in other European countries Write to Joseph Hincks at [email protected] Merrill Markoe was the co-creator and original head writer of “Late Night With David Letterman” On this the eve of the finale of a show I had a hand in creating I have been repeatedly asked to offer a few thoughts Toward that end I have compiled the following group of clips All of them are from shows you probably haven’t seen in a long time if you ever saw them at all They are from the early 80s when "Late Night With David Letterman" was on NBC As you may know when Dave switched networks in ’93 NBC locked it’s version of the shows in a vault deep in the bowels of Area 51 just catty corner to where the US government hides its photographic proof of UFOs They were meant to remain there until the end of time but that was before YouTube was created in 2005 and the end of time just kind of came and went Before you start clicking on the links I feel obligated to warn you that these are NOT the most-loved or most-requested clips on anyone’s list but my own They have been selected for only two reasons: 1 because they contain moments I have thought of repeatedly over the years sometimes with giddy amazement and 2 I was able to find them online Some of them I had no hand in creating Some of them I did A few of them I cant believe we got on the air All of them were brought to life with the help of a great staff full of talented people who got the joke and played along accordingly A final word before we begin: These clips vary in quality Some were videotaped by fans on their home VCR equipment To increase your enjoyment it may be necessary to pretend that you actually prefer watching blurry images and listening to uneven sound 1 This first clip is from the “The David Letterman Show” a LIVE NBC morning show that lasted 19 weeks with me as its head writer During its run we created the DNA used to launch the first incarnation of Dave’s late night show However the creative credit for this clip belongs entirely to the fevered brain of Andy Kaufman who somehow manages in the space of under eight minutes to willfully break every unwritten rule and expectation for a talk-show guest After opening with an anecdote about his floundering career during which he seems to be begging the host for sympathy he repeatedly reprimands the audience for laughing at him and displays symptoms of a lingering cough The bit ends with Andy heading into the audience to try and collect some spare change Its all so very very wrong that the mere thought of it has been making me laugh for 35 years(For bonus points I am in this clip standing by the studio door) 2 The afore mentioned morning show provided quite a few moments that were so surreal I sometimes think I’m making them up Chief among them was the time that we devoted a big part of the show to an elaborate 50th wedding anniversary party for Sam and Betty Kotinoff a couple from Long Island who had written us a letter Because the party details were arranged by a flamboyant caterer it was meant to hit a high point when sparklers were lit and synthetic rose petals dropped from the ceiling Unfortunately when the rose petals hit the sparklers chemistry took over and they immediately transformed into little flaming puddles of plastic Small fires broke out The Kotinoffs began subtly stamping them out with their shoes Soon stage hands stepped in with fire extinguishers But the always witty and cool-headed Hal Gurnee the show’s director brought in a handheld camera to capture it all in an artistic low-angle shot Meanwhile Dave just continued announcing who the guests would be tomorrow as a wedding singer stationed behind him crooned “Can’t Smile without You” It was as close to being on the set of a Fellini movie as I have ever come After the show ended Dave was very upset about the possible repercussions of setting a network show on fire Gravely we went into his office to watch the incriminating footage However when we saw how funny it all looked we began laughing We continued to break out laughing about it for weeks Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clip of the Kotinoff party However I did find another surreal morning-show clip Obviously taped by a fan it is the last segment of the very last morning show before cancellation We had only one more day to do the show and we were still LIVE So throughout the broadcast we showed the pictures and resumes of all of the newly unemployed staff members Then in the final moments Harve Mann a singer we had previously hired to sing special lyrics written for show’s theme serenades the audience with some new lyrics we worked on that morning about the show that would replace us: “Las Vegas Gambit” Staff members dressed as the playing cards that would be part of that new game show danced around the set I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that a more deranged or goofily hostile piece of video has ever aired on a network in the name of pleasant morning entertainment 3 "The Dubbed Show" was an idea by the brilliant Randy Cohen who decided to try to bring something new to a standard re-run The show remains the same in all respects except one: It contains a perfectly synched new audio track dubbed by the people who dub foreign movies into English To make this happen Randy painstakingly created a script of the original show to give to professional voice-over actors who would dub it from English into other English Watching Dave and his guests say the same things only in slightly different voices made me question everything I ever knew to be true in the universe What you are about to see is Dave and Sandra Bernhard vocally dubbed by others 4 Everything about Chris Elliotts unique and idiosyncratic contributions to the show have always made me laugh We hired Chris when he was about 21 and employed as a tour guide at Rockefeller Center It didn’t take him long to start making appearances on the show as a variety of “characters” that he wrote for himself “The Guy Under the Seats” who came up through a trap door in the floor of the aisle in the audience was the first of many All of them were so hilarious that I almost chose the one below at random but a Google search will allow you to inspect the rest of them Here is the introductory appearance of a character he created for a week of shows we taped in Los Angeles Chris called this one “The Laid Back Guy” 5 “They Took My Show Away” was an “educational film” written by the reliably hilarious Tom Gammill and Max Pross In it Dave explains the frightening and sometimes cruel realities of show cancellation to a sad and confused little boy 6 I had the idea of doing a Late Night “anthem” because at that particular moment in the ’80s I noticed a proliferation of a certain kind of heart-tugging montage in advertising These ads were always a combination of warm family moments and nature scenes set to a poignant yet uplifting emotional piece of music Not until a logo appeared at the very end was there any way to tell if what they were selling was a bank a phone company a cake mix a soft drink or a television series So writer Jeff Martin and I assembled an anthem for the show we called “Late Night World of Love” The multi-ethnic chorus of children was a nod to all the “We are the World” knocks-offs that also seemed to be everywhere at the time 7 “New Catch Phrases” is another idea that started with me but went on to be group written by everyone Once again it was a take on advertising and television in our culture and the way certain frequently repeated slogans make their way into every day life At the time everyone seemed to be quoting a commercial that starred an old lady who looked into the camera and said “Where’s the beef” So we decided to try to start a catch phrase all by itself and let an audience vote for their favorite After the winning entry “They pelted us with rocks and garbage” (contributed by Matt Wickline) was selected the show spent the rest of the week working out ways to include it and hopefully help it gain traction I still have a shirt and a button that someone sent us 8 Every now and then in the middle of the night “Chinese Restaurant College Bowl” comes to me like a strange hallucination It owns a place in my heart for its sheer labyrinthine craziness Assembled by Tom Gammill Max Pross and myself it started out as an idea about staging unusual reunions We planned to go up to random people as they stepped out of an elevator get all of their names and phone numbers and then reunite the whole elevator on the air It ended up being about two Chinese restaurants that we had seen somewhere in New York City that both had names that sounded like colleges One was called Hunan Wok University because it was on University Avenue The other was called Szechuan State because it was on State street From there it morphed into bringing customers from each of the restaurants on to the show to play College Bowl and answer questions about the respective restaurant menus Having decided on that we felt we needed to add a tour of the two campuses and a Chinese food delivery race between the two restaurant competitors And so we did 9 “Dog Poetry” was something I wrote and directed when we had a little free time with the crew at the end of a remote In it my dog Stan recites a poem to summer It also contains a track of Stan’s noises that I tried to synch with the subtitles After it was finished it went unaired for quite a while Dave was very ambivalent He didn’t think it would get laughs I finally weaseled it onto the show by creating a segment called “Pieces that will never be on the show” where I grouped it with other things that had never aired To my enormous relief it played really well All these years later people still come up to me and repeat the line “My empty dish mocks me” Weirder still I think “Dog Poetry” might be at ground zero for dog videos The Internet didn’t hit for another 15 years Not everyone with a dog had access to film production the way they do now There are a million other funny little moments for which no video clips can be found online From time to time I think of the incredibly peculiar objects we had made to order for an assortment of comedy pieces we referred to as “wacky props” To create these we commonly paged through the mail-order catalogs of the time finding inspiration in their approach to merchandizing and copy writing Sometimes the results appeared on the show as “New Gift Ideas” Sometimes we grouped them into something more seasonal or topical Kathleen Ankers who appeared on the show as the Bookmobile lady ran the art department and would patiently find a way to manufacture a decent working version of whatever it was we requested Of the hundreds of crazy things I saw her make some of the ones that have stayed with me were by the always brilliant George Meyer A few times a year I think fondly of “The Giant Doorknob” George’s take on what is for sale in “joke catalogs” The copy George wrote for it still makes me laugh “In Mexico it’s El Knob Grande Here in the US we call it the giant phony doorknob and it’s a panic This over-sized jumbo knob is much larger than it oughta be In fact its just plain big Simply attach it to an ordinary door and then wait for the fireworks Your friends will flip when they see for themselves how truly big a doorknob can be” I also think frequently of Andy Breckman’s “Perpetual Birthday Card” which read “Happy Birthday today and on this day every year for the rest of your life” Merrill Markoe Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors 56 percent of the jobs are set aside for five percent of the country’s population. Seriously. How much rates will go up is the $64, Adityanath forgot to check the certificates of the meagre loan amount that he has waived so far, but any job where work can be automated. where she admitted she was living in a sober living facility as she struggled with a drug addiction.

12-696 In the end,419上海GT, Thankfully, Nelson’s remains are expected to arrive tonight at Hector International Airport tonight. including acting as the department’s deputy director of political and foreign affairs between 2008 and 2009. and more. as the majority of other militants linked to it have since been killed. The tensions prompted North Korea’s official news agency to issue a rare critique of China last year, Murtala Nyako of Adamawa. View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. S.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, he believes it’s time to experiment with alternative revenue models.Countless musical acts have made their debut on late night television with host Conan OBrienand now. read more

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