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Samsung possibly prepping a transparent portrait television

first_imgFor the most part, you can look at a television and know that it is, in fact, a television. For reasons passing understanding, Samsung seems interested in changing that with what looks suspiciously like a transparent, portrait-oriented television.Samsung is no stranger to using CES as a test bed for some of their less conventional products. Last year the company demonstrated a Smart Window that granted the operator smartphone-like features displayed on the same glass used to separate the user from the outdoors. It was an incredibly cool trick, but not really something that people know what to do with just yet. A teaser for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was just released that holds very little information, other then Samsung wanted to show everyone a television with an unprecedented design.The image that accompanied the brief teaser (above) looks like a portrait frame that does very little to interrupt the world around it. Call us crazy, but it looks like a television that’s either transparent or is able to observe and display whatever is behind it.Regardless of the sci-fi-like tech, in a world of 55-inch 4K widescreen TVs, I think Samsung would have a hard time selling a television in portrait. If the image is any indicator, it’s really just a widescreen television on its side, much like you see in medical centers connected to computers (though the aspect ratio seems squarish).There’s nothing that says this unveiling is consumer oriented (or anything more than a concept sketch), though Samsung seems thoroughly convinced that this television is a sign of true innovation. This could have something to do with the other part of the image, which shows the scenery around the frame on both the inside and outside.We’ve seen transparent displays before, even recently on a laptop made by Samsung, but never before on a large television. Assuming this is the case, Samsung might be suggesting that you can hang the television like a photo frame, replacing the intense home theater feel with a different living room aesthetic altogether.There’s clearly more questions than answers here, and it is likely that Samsung will treat this like the Smart Window last year and have a special section at their CES presentation to explain why they think this is such a great idea. If this is a portrait television with a transparent display it would be really cool, but a little hard to convince most users to replace their living room rig with such a device.last_img read more

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