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This manga about Ubuntu school girls will make or break your day

first_imgYou were probably having a normal day today, going about your business — or at worst, you didn’t think the terrible day you were having could get any worse. Luckily, you have us. We’re here to inform you that there’s a manga about Ubuntu, the most popular Linux operating system, and it’s called Ubunchu. In true manga fashion, it’s about school girls. However, rather than a narrative featuring high school love or shooting energy blasts, the manga is about a system admin club learning how to use Canonical’s operating system.While a manga about Ubuntu seems highly niche and fairly wacky, it’s worth noting that this manga could’ve been even weirder than it already is. Thanks to the internet, you might have come across the OS-tan in your digital travels. If not, the OS-tan are the anime personifications of operating systems — normally young school girls. Because the internet is somehow weirder than it is large, OS-tan cover any operating system you can think of, from Windows ME to DOS. They also cover internet browsers, and yes, the OS-tan illustrators are very liberal with their use of the tail in the Firefox logo.As for Ubunchu, the original manga is written in Japanese, but you can easily load a translation in your native tongue. The series features lines of dialog like, “Youtube is a waste of processing power” and “The command line? That’s just a relic of the old world.” The art that accompanies these gems is, as expected, your standard manga fare, full of sweat beads and busy backgrounds. Yes, this manga looks like a must-read.It should be said that we condone following your interests and pursuing your hobbies, but you should be careful when doing so, because sometimes that leads to mangas about Ubuntu. If you blast through the comic and still need to satiate your lust for embarrassing Linux creations: you’re welcome.last_img read more

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