Species who attain capacity for interstellar travel will destroy aliens will it

first_imgPixabayFermi Paradox is one of the most perplexing puzzles faced by astronomers and space experts who search for aliens. As per Fermi Paradox, the universe is so big and gigantic with habitable planets, but until now, humans have never encountered aliens. Now, as a hypothetical solution to this paradox, a top physicist has sensationally claimed that human beings will never encounter aliens because we will accidentally destroy it.In a recent study report published on Arxiv, theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin, of Russia’s MIET claims that humans may accidentally destroy alien presence without even realizing it.As per Berezin, humans may emerge as the first living beings to attain the capacity of interstellar space travel. Berezin believes that the first living beings who attain this technological advancement will eradicate all kinds of competition to fuel the expansion of their species.However, Berezin argued that this eradication process will not be intentional, but purely accidental in nature.”They simply won’t notice, the same way a construction crew demolishes an anthill to build real estate because they lack the incentive to protect it,” said Berezin, the sun reports.Berezin revealed that humans will be the construction crew and not the ant in the above-mentioned scenario.A few weeks back, a top Oxford University researcher had claimed that aliens are already here on the earth, and they are interbreeding with humans to produce a hybrid species. The bizarre theory presented by Dr Young-hae Chi also added that these alien hybrids from mixed parentage will easily survive climate change, and they will emerge as the dominant species on the planet.In his book, ‘Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity’, Dr Chi claimed that there are four alien species who currently live on earth. As per Chi, these four species are extraterrestrials with scales and snake eyes, small aliens and tall and bold aliens.last_img

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