Five ways to keep your skin glowing and healthy during summers

first_imgAdding a healthy layer of sunscreen before stepping out of your house helps a lot. Image Title Even those short walks to lunch or just a visit to a nearby coffee place can risk your skin to direct Sun Exposure. So it’s recommended applying sunscreen or lotions enhanced with antioxidants for an extra skin-health boost before stepping out of your house.Consuming a good amount of water every dayImage Title Higher consumption of water helps you remain hydrated during the heat. Seasonal foods like Watermelon, Leafy greens and berries have a higher concentration of water in them. In fact, watermelon is the best fruit for summers as 91% of it is made of water. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfSweat it outImage Title Working out during summers in the morning is a brilliant elixir that regulates your body temperature as well as removes the toxins from your body. Sweating also increases your blood circulation which also results in improving your skin. So, 30 minutes of work out doesn’t cost much! Revive, Rinse, Repeat!Image Title After getting exposed to direct sunlight your face requires a serious skin revival. Make it a habit of washing you face with cold water every day and clean it with a gentle skin cleanser after every time you arrive home from work. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveKeeping it naturalImage Title A continuous and long-term use of beauty products like BB creams or foundations can cause a damage to your skin. Try to clean your face with a cleanser every time you arrive home and avoid the use of such products as much as possible.last_img

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