July 8 2003 SILT 7 This continues the report fro

first_imgJuly 8, 2003SILT 7: This continues the report from 6/10. The form for the second lightscoop panel is ready. This panel will top the lightscoop in Unit 9 of the East Crescent complex. The design was developed by Tomiaki Tamura [left]. On the right construction intern Emily Edgington. [Photo & text: sa] It is the first big project for the workshop which started on June 22. Workshopper Jennifer Wolf [in the foreground] applies some of the vibrant pigment. [Photo & text: sa] Tomiaki’s design was inspired by the medieval symbolism of ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’. [Photo & text: sa] During a pour everyone has an assigned task. The concrete mixing group works hard with two old mixing machines to keep the panel crew supplied. [Photo & text: sa] The first layer of concrete is applied very carefully. In the background the prepared rebar cage hangs from the crane boom, ready to be moved. [Photo & text: sa] The first layer is complete and the rebar cage is lowered into place. [Photo & text: sa] Crewleader Eli Michael fastens weldplates. [Photo & text: sa] The pour continues. [Photo & text: sa] Planning interns Carlos Flores and Mickey Hamill slump test each batch of concrete and prepare batch samples to be sent to the lab. [Photo & text: sa] Workshopper Sandeep Sabu [foreground] uses a handtrowel to fine finish the surface of the panel. Mickey Hamill lays on the support beam to finish hard-to-reach places. [Photo & text: sa] The second panel is complete. This report will continue when the concrete has set and the panel is lifted. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

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