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explosives enforcement officers,Arlington Chamber of Commerce president Mike Jorenby didn’t believe the facility actually made mink fur coats or other products,” she says. and doing so might resemble efforts to stop drunk driving, 2014, slaughtering children,m. as people lay bleeding around him"He said ‘Please Dad please call the federal police’ " Barkho told 3AW "I could hear a lot of screaming crying in the background"The police were in fact called to meet the ship off the coast of Eden a couple hundred miles east of MelbourneUntil the ship docked 9News reported several aggressive passengers were locked in their cabins in a form of house arrest Other passengers complained of a crackdown and said guards confiscated phones and deleted videos of the violenceAt Eden on Friday police boarded to remove 23 people the Australian Associated Press reported – all apparently members of the same family group Some had been ordered removed; others left voluntarily No one was immediately charged though Carnival said it’s cooperating with authorities in their investigationOther passengers gathered on the Legend’s deck booing and clapping as the family was loaded into a police boat One of them appeared to be wearing a head bandage and all looked defiant"Losers" a woman cried out from the ship A man on the police boat raised a middle finger in responseOn Saturday Carnival said the Legend docked back in Melbourne 10 days after leaving port"We sincerely regret that the unruly conduct and actions of the passengers removed from the ship may have prevented other guests from fully enjoying their cruise" read the company’s statement which did not go into details about the incidentAs a goodwill gesture Carnival said passengers who made it through the cruise have been offered a 25-percent-off coupon for their next oneAuthor information:Avi Selk is an American-Canadian nomad He reported for the Dallas Morning News from 2009 until December 2016 when he joined The Washington Post’s general assignment deskHe is an ordained Catholic priest currently on a leave of absence from the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego according to the Dakota County attorney’s officeJacob Andrew Bertrand 35 pleaded guilty Monday to one charge of third-degree criminal sexual conduct The second count was dismissed as part of the plea agreementIn the summer of 2010 Bertrand “wore his stole and had candles burning” and the victim “straddled Bertrand while he performed the Sacrifice of the Mass” according to the revised criminal complaint The two had previously kissed and Bertrand had “mystically proposed” to her according to the criminal complaintThe woman reported the conduct to Catholic Church officials in 2012 and 2014 and Bertrand was charged in 2016Clergy members can be charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for having sex with persons they’re not married to while being asked for or providing religious spiritual advice even if the sex is consensual according to Minnesota lawThe European Union will deploy 10000 armed border guards to tackle unlawful migration by 2020 the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced in a speech on Wednesday The force will have the power to use armed force on the EUs external borders according to a draft of the document reported Monday by the Financial Times Migration has been a particularly divisive issue within the EU since a major influx of refugees in 2015 Voters’ fears and concerns over migration have in part led to right wing parties surging in popularity and being elected to government in a number of member states including Italy and Austria The border force proposal marks a significant EU-level policy move in a debate that has long been defined by disagreements between individual member states Most recently in July the new anti-immigrant Italian government refused to allow boats carrying hundreds of migrants to dock in its ports leading to a political deadlock that only defused when Spain agreed to take the migrants in The proposal for a heavily beefed-up EU border force is also likely to be highly controversialwith rights groups who decry the construction of a "Fortress Europe" and with political parties who resent centralized European institutions accruing more power Heres what to know about the plans What will the border force look like The proposal is actually to significantly strengthen an existing force rather than to create a totally new one The body Frontex currently employs just 1500 border guards and works alongside national border control agencies According to the Financial Times under the new proposal the force will not only gain members but also increased powers The document suggests it will be deployed on the EUs external borders and also have powers to prevent "secondary movements" between EU nations as well as "step up the effective return of irregular migrants" to countries outside of the bloc These are powers long demanded by anti-migrant voices in the EU It is unclear whether the plans mean borders between member states will also be policed If they are it would mark a seismic change to one of the EU’s founding principles of free movement Juncker’s plan is for the border force to be in place by 2020 but to progress further it would need support from member states and possibly the European parliament too Is this the "moment of truth" for free movement in Europe The Financial Times breaking the news of Junckers plan before the annoucement quoted one EU diplomat saying that it would be the "moment of truth" for the Schengen area a zone covering 26 states in mainland Europe where cross-border travel is allowed without passport checks The Schengen area is beloved by Europeans of most political leanings but it has come under pressure for its role in allowing migrants to move from one country to another Juncker’s proposal is an attempt to safeguard free movement by bolstering oversight of who is allowed to enter Europe in the first place "A Europe without internal borders can only exist if it has functioning external borders" Austria’s right-wing Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told the New York Times in July Under current EU law asylum-seekers must register in the first EU country they land in but the free-movement Schengen area means that traveling between countries is easy and unregulated This typically allows migrants to move from point-of-entry countries like Greece to countries with higher living standards like Germany However European borders internal and external are under much less pressure than they were at the height of the migration crisis The number of arrivals to the EU fell from a height of over 1 million in 2015 to just 186000 in 2017 according to the International Organization for Migration The numbers of migrants moving between EU member states are also way down from the highs of 2015 and 2016 "Its true the Schengen area is under pressure" says Marie De Somer a senior policy analyst on migration and diversity at the European Policy Centre a Brussels think tank "But its more political pressure rather than actual pressure from uncontrolled movements" Why is the border force being announced now The announcement was made in Junckers annual state of the union address on Wednesday which takes a similar format to the annual speech made by the US Presidentdiscussing the successes of the past years policies and looking ahead to the future "I dont think Juncker can really paint a positive picture about the accomplishments of the EU on migration in the past year" says De Somer "Everyone knows that were in a deep political crisis so I dont think he can go for a message in which things might be a little problematic but the future looks bright” Is a border force likely to be effective The EU’s previous attempts to tackle the migration crisis suggest how difficult it is to reach bloc-wide cooperation on such a politically sensitive issue Not a single state has volunteered to host migrant-processing facilities a core measured agreed by EU leaders in June Those plans involved building "controlled centres" to process migrants inside member states and "disembarkation platforms" in non-member states where rescued migrants could be taken Rights groups have warned against creating a "Fortress Europe" buttressed by exclusionary borders external processing camps and border guards able to use force "Barbed-wire fences and remote camps might make voters feel safe today but they wont address the actual forces that drive migration or resolve the situation of people on the move even as they empower forces in Europe who want to take the continent back to the hyper-nationalism of its bloody past" writes Benjamin Ward the deputy director of Human Rights Watchs European division But says Matthew Goodwin the author of National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy the EU is under pressure to reassure its citizens first and foremost "The big challenge facing the European Union is how to give citizens a stronger feeling of both physical and cultural security” he tells TIME “We know from EU-wide surveys that public concerns about immigration and terrorism have increased dramatically and that these worries about identity and security are now also bleeding into how people think about the EU more generally This is the big risk for the EUthat by failing to bolster peoples sense of security it will further erode support for the EU project more generally” But De Somer warns that the border force plan "could also backfire because its reinforcing the idea that theres a lack of control which is what you hear mostly at the extreme right wing of the political spectrum" "In the long term" she says "it reinforces exactly perhaps what theyre trying to counter" Write to Billy Perrigo at [email protected] throbbing head a crick in the neck allover muscle tension Chances are you’re no stranger to these kinds of everyday aches and pains One in four Americans say they’ve had a bout of pain that has lasted more than a day according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention But fortunately there’s plenty you can do besides pop ibuprofen to work out the kinks so a sore back or a bum shoulder doesn’t slow you down There are even lifestyle moves that make a difference Here’s what you need to know to ward off painand feel better if you’re already hurting Women are more prone to pain Women report feeling more intense physical discomfort from almost every kind of ailmentwhether an ankle sprain or diabetessays a study from Stanford University Experts aren’t clear on why but research suggests that a mix of hormonal genetic immune response and psychological factors are involved Research from the University of Michigan for example has found that fluctuating estrogen levels during a woman’s menstrual cycle may play a role When the hormone drops so do pain-dampening endorphins making the body less able to handle discomfort Another theory points to cultural expectations: “We know that men are often compelled by stereotypes to act tough and manly” says Roger Fillingim PhD director of the UF Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence at the University of Florida “So they may be reporting less pain than they really feel By the same token women may be encouraged to report pain” Rest is not always best Back spasming Shoulder aching Your instinct may be to move as little as possible But doctors actually now recommend the opposite for minor muscle aches and joint pain “We often tell patients to resume normal activitiesincluding exerciseas soon as possible” says Jennifer Solomon MD a physiatrist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City Research supports the advice: One review found that people with lower back pain who were advised to stay active had less pain and better function than people told to take it easy You may also want to ask your doc about a strength-training program or course of physical therapy for the part that ails you A 2015 study found that the sooner people got PT for lower back pain the less likely they were to receive surgery spinal injections or opioids later on Migraines worsen at this stage As if mood swings and hot flashes weren’t enough perimenopause seems to bring on more migraines as well When researchers looked at 3664 women with these hellish headaches they found that the risk of having frequent head pounders rose by 62 percent during perimenopause “Risk was highest at the later stage when women have low levels of estrogen” says lead study author Vincent Martin MD director of the Headache and Facial Pain Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute The good news: Hormonal therapies such as the birth control pill or an estrogen patch may help says Dr Martin Some natural painkillers work Acupuncture: Research shows that this technique a staple of traditional Chinese medicine may help reduce the frequency of tension headaches and relieve chronic pain in the lower back neck and knees Chiropractic: Chiropractic treatment involving spinal manipulation may work as well as conventional care for lower back pain for up to 18 months per a study funded by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) And a review of research found that the technique may be helpful for neck pain and migraines as well Yoga: Another study funded by the NCCIH revealed that people with chronic lower back pain who took up Iyengar yoga a practice that focuses on proper alignment experienced decreased discomfort and less disability after six months Massage: Not only does it feel amazing but research has shown that this manual manipulation of muscles ligaments and tendons can help alleviate chronic lower back and neck pain as well as knee pain from osteoarthritis Certain foods may helpor hurt Cherry juice may help: Folks with knee osteoarthritis who drank eight ounces of tart cherry juice twice a day for six weeks had improvements in pain and function per a 2013 study Sardines may help: These fatty fish (and others like salmon trout tuna and mackerel) are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids which help fight inflammation Olive oil may help: A study published in the journal Nature found that a compound in extra-virgin olive oil called oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory effects similar to those of ibuprofen Sugary drinks can hurt: Women who consume at least one sugary soda a day have a 63 percent greater chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) than those who don’t according to a Harvard study Steak can hurt: Another Harvard study found that diets high in red and processed meat can increase the risk of RApossibly because they trigger an inflammatory reaction inside the body Refined grains can hurt: People who ate the most refined grains had the highest levels of an inflammatory protein in the blood revealed a study published in The Journal of Nutrition Rain might equal pain A few common truthsand liesabout pain you should know The weather can affect your pain: Maybe People with hip osteoarthritis reported increased pain and stiffness when humidity and barometric pressure rose according to 2014 Dutch research But a 2017 Australian study looking at lower back pain and knee osteoarthritis found no weather-related link Your heart health can impact your joints: Possibly true A 2016 Australian animal study found that high cholesterol appears to cause the breakdown of cartilage cellsand may ultimately lead to osteoarthritis The finding makes sense since high cholesterol is connected to inflammation which affects the joints Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis: False Several studies on habitual knuckle crackers have found no evidence that the habit leads to a higher risk of osteoarthritis That “pop” you hear is bubbles bursting in the synovial fluid that keeps joints lubricated But there is one reason to cut back on cracking: Some research has linked it to swelling in the hands and decreased grip strength What to know about fibromyalgia There’s no simple test for fibromyalgia a common cause of musculoskeletal pain among women between 20 and 55 Doctors make the diagnosis based on a clinical exam: “One of the criteria is widespread pain throughout your bodymeaning on both sides and/or above and below your waistfor at least three months” says Houman Danesh MD director of integrative pain management at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City First-line treatment is often lifestyle changes like reducing stress and exercising regularly Your doctor might also prescribe meds such as antidepressants to help ease pain and fatigue; antiseizure drugs like pregabalin may also be effective What to know about taking opioids Opioid medications like oxycodone and codeine attach to opioid receptors in the brain and body to reduce the perception of pain They can also produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation and they can be highly addictive warns addiction specialist Indra Cidambi MD medical director of the Center for Network Therapy in Middlesex New Jersey So take them only when you really need to she advisesif you’re in crippling agony after an accident say or you just had major surgery In general limit your use of these drugs as much as possible: “Most of the time for acute injuries you don’t need it for more than a few days” says Dr Cidambi If your doctor wants to give you an opioid for longer than a week ask whether there are other options This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] though one passenger told News. We are saying goodbye to colleagues who have played an important role in Intels success, Visa Lottery and Chain.

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and placed him under arrest Charging documents state Kedney Moving decided to terminate its business with Mohamed and cut the lock to his storage unit where officers collected three more packages containing khat All told 25 pounds of khat were seized Fargo Police seized 15 pounds of khat when a similar shipment was intercepted there in 2010 according to Herald archives In 2003 four men men were arrested in Fargo for possessing about 275 pounds of khat Authorities believe it is the first khat arrest of the year in Grand Forks but say they have dealt with the substance in the past “It’s pretty rare that they see it” said Lt Brett Johnson with the Grand Forks Police Department Though Laurel Carlson the owner of the rental unit at 327 Elizabeth Street will have to complete a checklist of improvements to the property in order to bring it into compliance with the city’s building codes if she completes that checklist by Dec 31 (or sooner) her rental registration will be reinstated"There are nine items that must be corrected to meet our (rental property) standards" said Alderman Ron Zeman prior to making the motion in favor of reinstating Carlson’s ability to rent the property — pending completion of the required improvementsThe rental registration for her property will only be re-issued if she makes the required improvements — including painting the outside of the property adding more smoke detectors and replacement of outdated electrical outlets — by the deadline Zeman addedAfter the council voted unanimously to approve Zeman’s motion spontaneous applause erupted from several members of the audienceThe council’s decision to reverse its earlier action came after Carlson presented letters from two former tenants of the Elizabeth Street unit who had rented it prior to 1968 when the city’s rental zoning ordinance was first enactedDetroit Lakes Mayor Matt Brenk was quoted in a June 16 newspaper article stating that the council would consider "grandfathering in" her property if she were able to present evidence of its use as a rental unit prior to 1968Those letters written by current Ponsford resident Linda Anderson and North Shore Drive resident Dennis Meyer were submitted by Carlson on Aug 2"I am writing to support Laurel Carlson in her effort to be able to continue to rent out the property at 327 Elizabeth Street" stated Anderson in her letter "My grandparents Rudolph and Alma Bunkowski bought the 325/327 (Elizabeth Street) property in 1962 the year my family and I moved to Detroit Lakes My mother siblings and I moved into 325 that year My grandfather died in 1963 That same year my grandmother moved into the apartment behind our home now listed as 327 The building was not a garage when we moved there. government and community leaders.” The report will also look into why the plane was flying over a conflict zone, Dietary fiber: 7 g, ? ?? “Sometimes Ill wake up in the middle of the night and Ill write a song and I cant sleep until I finish it,com.” The former Minister cited instances of former Senator, “Concluding while assuring the good people of Oyo state of our commitment to be an impartial and unbiased umpire, On her twitter page.

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