Forestland or how a festival transforms a tourist destination

first_imgAnother Forestland festival ended in the heart of Međimurje, and the next edition of this exceptional pearl of continental tourism was announced only in 2019, and one of the largest festivals on the continent celebrated its sixth birthday. The organizers say: we brought over 60 DJs, we played over 48 hours of good music, we were visited by over 7.000 visitors.The period from June to September is the beginning of the tourist season, but also of famous domestic festivals. Everywhere along the coast, partygoers, escapists and other people who want to escape from the monotony of everyday life gather. Until a few years ago, the summer period was a dead zone for the interior of the continents and one can still sometimes hear the story of those times, not so long ago from now, when cities, including our main one, literally gaped empty. The entire party and festival, we can rightly call it, subculture appeared almost out of nowhere, from hidden coves and exclusive foreign festivals, very quickly outgrew the bandages and became the standard.We are currently still in the stage of recovering the lawn on Poljud and trying to live with debauchery on Pag, and while we are bombarded from all over with promotional messages of the festival throughout the region, one completely innovative festival story turned 6 this year. Now that the impressions have subsided, the organizers say: we brought over 60 DJs, we played over 48 hours of good music, we were visited by over 7.000 visitors. There is no “natural” beach in this story, although the air still smells of pine, the sea is green, and vines are grown instead of olives.Forestland, which has been held in Brezje in Međimurje since 2013, celebrated its sixth birthday from 13 to 15 July this year. Friday the 13th was a happy day for the Forestland organizers. For the first time in its six years, the festival has grown into a multi-day event with the full support of the local community, regional government, international partners and musicians. Quite a success for an event created from youthful dreams to breathe a breath of life into the sleepy Međimurje region during the endless summer. Forestland carved its story modestly, with only a few hundred visitors eager to connect nature, art and people in a unique way. The festival is, they pointed out on their official pages, over time became synonymous with inspiration, dreams, unity and the realization of the impossible. This summer story also has its own Christmas edition, namely Winterstory of Forestland which is announced for December 22nd.The infrastructure of the festival does not lag behind related events in the world. In addition to staying in nature, sleeping under the stars and simply love and togetherness, the festival offered the partygoers three stages: Main stage, Forestroom and Beach stage. Who said that in the middle of the forest it can’t be like the sea, the thought is the guiding principle of the Beach stage concept, so with the daily program, visitors could relax in the pools with cocktails.The HEP-sponsored Forestroom is designed on the boilerroom principle for the most die-hard fans whose endurance has been put to the test during a 12-hour rave. Famous faces from the party scene played on all three stages: Mark Sixma, Zonderling, Petar Dundov, Torres, PEZNT, YAKKA, Paul Spakres, Deova, Steve Allen, Eloquentia, DJ Yaksa and DJ Yin and Flash Finger straight from faraway China, but and many others. There was, of course, something else for everyone, and everything was properly recorded on social networks (because if it’s not on them, then it didn’t even happen), Bonbon took care of it, preparing his own chill zones for visitors.KRESO BISHOP, Forestland: The formula for success is to surround yourself with capable peoplePhoto: Krešo Biškup, ForestlandTwo years ago, the Forestland Festival was voted as one of the 47 Ambassadors of Electronic Music, and in the same year it won the Best Croatian EDM Festival Award for 2016.The secret of the success of this festival was revealed to us by the organizer of Forestland, Krešo Biškup “Work, effort and good will, as well as a good team. It is important to surround yourself with capable people, click with them, plan and hope for the best. It just matched us. In addition, Međimurje is a very high quality and positive area. I think there is room here for progress and for similar festivals, and specifically the key to our success is storytelling and philosophy. On the one hand, there is a lot of will in the local community and a lot of effort from us organizers. The whole set of circumstances needed for the project to come to life happened to us”Međimurje and the north of Croatia are no longer incidental locations on the way to the Adriatic, but slowly but surely, using the available natural and other potentials, are becoming increasingly attractive destinations just for planning a summer vacation. Although it is sometimes left out of the tourist map of Croatia, Međimurje has twice been declared a European destination of excellence. Hundreds of thousands of visitors a year visit Špancirfest, Porcijunkulovo kolo and Renaissance festival. These are examples of good practice, successful thanks to the efforts of individuals and despite many difficulties, from which each of us can learn something or at least give them more media attention for all the efforts invested in the painstaking development of continental tourism.”Continental tourism has recently increased in Međimurje. We have several excellent hotels, and the spa of St. Martin work great and therefore this type of tourism coincides with our initiative. It would probably be much easier for us if we chose the pre- or post-season, it is currently at its peak and our goal is for as many people as possible to visit Međimurje, and then the rest of Croatia.”, Concluded the Bishop.In the heart of Međimurje, not on the sea, and far from all sponsors as everywhere on the continent, to make one such festival that attracts over 7.000 visitors from all over Europe, is more than a fantastic success. Hat to the floor.last_img

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