Tassie Twins Enjoying Tournament

first_imgThe 17-year-olds, from Launceston in Tasmania, are one of several sets of twins competing at the event in 2011, and they say that being a twin on the field does have its benefits, even if they aren’t identical. “Kit normally does the freakish stuff and I’m normally on the receiving end of that, sometimes roles are reversed so there is a bit of a twin thing coming out there sometimes, nothing too telepathic. It certainly shows at some stages how well we know each other,” Dana said. “We can get into each other a bit but we’ve played every single sport in our whole lives together, so when we both fire up we can get pretty in to each other but we’ve been good so far so hopefully we can continue that.”“We are generally pretty good mates outside of it, so we are not too fussed about it,” Kit said. “We are generally pretty competitive people though, we don’t act like it most of the time but when we do something we do it the best that we can,” Dana said. The twins only started playing division one in Launceston last year, with Kit then competing in the 2010 X-Blades National Youth Championships. What once was a sport they just played in the Aussie Rules off-season has now become a sport that the Young’s have become passionate about and hope to progress in. “It’s always been a pre-season thing, but now it’s become something a bit more, it’s a game that we actually look forward to playing over summer and this event reinforces that it would be good to play in later years as well. It’s something we’ll definitely look at playing further,” Dana said. Playing at a National Youth Championships level for the first time, Dana is enjoying the challenge of competing against teams from across the country, and is learning plenty along the way. “Even after one game you pick up a fair bit straight up,” he said. “We are just hoping to upset a few teams and learn a fair bit, we’re looking to be competitive as always, we want to give Tassie the best name we can.”last_img

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