Shooting in Hamilton

A shooting in central Hamilton has left one man in hospital – and a woman was taken into custody at the scene.According to witnesses in the area — it was just after five o’clock, when the sound of three quick gunshots filled the street outside a small Jamaican grill, on Tisdale Avenue North.Just moments before, some men in a black car, had been parked on the street. According to neighbours in the area, a man riding a scooter got into the car and was speaking to at least one occupant, when the vehicle was approached by another man — who started shooting.The shooter was described as a tall thin black man, in a striped shirt. He was seen running down the alley way behind a local pub, by at least two people. Police have already asked for, and reviewed a security tape from that pub. A short time later, police began to gather outside an apartment building on Emerald Avenue, a block away. Soon after, a woman in handcuffs was loaded into a police cruiser, and taken away.Buillding residents told me that the woman is known as Maya. That she lives in the building, and that they believe her apartment is often used for drug activity. Police remained outside the building long after taking the woman into custody. We were told that they were waiting for a warrant to search an area inside the building, but that they did not expect to find the shooter there. In the interim, a single forensics officer arrived to investigate the scene, where the shooting allegedly took place.The Emergency Response Team has just entered the building for which the warrant was obtained. Police will say very little about this incident at the moment, as they are still in the thick of the investigation. However, they did confirm however that one male is in hospital, with non-life threatening injuries.

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